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When it comes to Water Park Signs & Theme Park Signage. iSIGNS Inc. offers a variety of sign types to promote easy wayfinding; increased safety; and to direct vehicle or pedestrian traffic flow. These signs can help any public venue to be more visitor friendly.

Proper signage for directions, wayfinding, safety and parking can greatly enhance a visit to any indoor resort or outdoor attractions industry venue. Once visitors arrive at the adventure destination, they will rely on wayfinding signs to help them navigate to entry areas, particular rides or attractions, concessions, arcades, restrooms and the other amenities that the park or facility has to offer. Our compact LED Signs, Perma-Banners and Directional Signs are excellent choices for accomplishing these goals.

Our energy saving LED signs are outdoor-rated, engineered for long-life dependability and specially designed to display bright colorful messages that are readable even in direct sunlight. They offer several mounting options and can be created with any custom message allowing for safety rules, height restrictions or information to be posted without detracting from the fun vibe of the park environment.

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iSIGNS is your one-stop source for custom LED Water Park Safety Signs, Pool Signs, Attraction Signs and Directional Signs!

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Popular Water Park Signage and Amusement Park Sign Types:

Our sign systems are comprised of over 90 modular, extruded aluminum components that are designed for long lasting service and to provide versatile, aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective solutions to your interior and exterior sign needs. These signs have hundreds of applications throughout water parks, theme parks and resorts.

Open Closed Signs

Outdoor OPEN Signs and CLOSED Signs for Theme Parks and Water Parks

Our LED illuminated OPEN Signs, CLOSED Signs and multiple message OPEN CLOSED signs can be strategically located to help visitors see at a glance which attractions are operating and ready for fun. We offer a variety of OPEN CLOSED signs that are available for same day shipping.

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Stop & Go Signs

Stop & Go Lights, Stop Go Wait Signs

These lane control signs offer choices for globally understood red/green symbols to convey “Stop and Go” messages. Signs are also available with 2 or 3 overlaid messages including "Stop, Wait, Go". These signs are used to speed customer service and give directions at point of entry to rides and at loading or staging areas for water slides.

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Enter Exit Signs

Outdoor-Rated Entrance, Exit, and Enter Wait Signs use Bright, Energy Efficient LED Illumination

Guide visitors to the appropriate entrance line and exit points with our compact LED illuminated Traffic Control Signs. These bright, outdoor-rated signs keep visitors moving in the right direction as they navigate park rides, staging areas, decks and attractions. A few good signs can go a long way in helping to maintain an organized, peaceful, fun environment for everyone.

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Hanging Overhead Signs

Hanging Overhead Signs

These extruded aluminum hanging i-BARS are an economical solution for hundreds of overhead sign applications. They can be painted to coordinate with park attraction colors or themes; and they can carry any brief custom message.

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Perma-Banner 5-Year Vertical Street Pole and Lamp-Post Banners

Perma-Banners offer water parks and theme parks a hot new wave of branding and marketing signage that will provide increased visual impact, last for years, and be effortless to install and maintain. The system makes it easy to create long-life, eye-catching, custom shape banners for entryways, midways, lounge areas and throughout parking lots. Perma-Banner’s are easily customized with unique shapes and bold, bright graphics…perfect for adding color and messages; creating parking section designators; or for marketing and branding campaigns for special attractions, shows, concessions, etc. Their changeable panels will not fray, shred or tear. The system features our exclusive “No-Fly-Away” bracket and a 5-year warranty.

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Interior Signs

Changeable System for Interior Wayfinding Signs

Our Interior Sign System makes user-changeable updates quick and easy for any water park or theme park. Signs remain intact and on the wall; just pop open the clear lenses to change laser-printed graphics and message inserts. Signs feature a timeless modular design and can be easily customized with a variety of accent materials, ADA compliant lenses, Grade 2 Braille, tactile graphics and symbols.

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