LED Lane Control Signs and Red Green Signal Lights

Stop & Go Signs and Signals for drive-thru lanes, loading docks, parking garages, toll booths, weigh stations, car washes, etc.

Our Stop & Go Signs, Changeable Lane Control Signs and Warning Lights
feature long-life, super-bright LED’s with up to 90% energy cost
savings over similar neon and incandescent units.

Signage plays a large role in our “World on the Move!” Our customers are on the front line of supplying the signs that direct and keep traffic moving safely throughout some of the world’s most congested environments…bank lanes and drive-thru lanes of all kinds, parking facilities, airports and mass transit terminals, distribution centers and loading docks, car washes, toll booths and more. Our outdoor-rated Traffic Control Signs, Stop & Go signs, Changeable Lane Control Signs, Warning Lights and Safety Signs guide motorists, workers and pedestrians as they stop, go, enter, exit and navigate these areas.

iSIGNS Inc. is your source for LED illuminated signs and signals including Red Green Indicators, X-Arrow Signs, and Dot Indicator Lights.

Features and Benefits:

  • Outdoor-rated signs using energy efficient, high-intensity Direct-View LED or LED Backlit illumination and costing only pennies a day to operate
  • A green choice using up to 90% less energy than similar neon and incandescent signs, decreased CO2 emissions, long service life leading to fewer sign replacements
  • LED’s offer a long service life…over 100,000 hours
  • Compact signs with highly visible messages even in direct sunlight and in dimly-lighted areas
  • Standard Wall Mount or optional mounting for ceiling, projection, angle mount or post mount
  • UL and cUL listed
  • 5-year Warranty on TCIL, TCL and PHX units, 2-year on and SBLF units
  • Quickly available

Stop & Go LED Signs

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LED Red Green Indicator Lights – TCIL-H & TCIL-V Typical Features

Stop & Go TCL LED Signs

Ideal for:

Our Red-Green Traffic Controllers or Red Green Indicator Lights provide a durable, economical solution to all red green indicator signage with applications in the banking, parking, transportation and industrial markets. As Stop & Go signs they are available in horizontal (TCIL-H) or vertical (TCIL-V) units with red and green lenses illuminated by bright, energy saving LED Light Engines. These signs are widely used to indicate to motorists open or closed service lanes or entryways. Units are also available with Blue or Amber Lenses and LED Light Engines for safety and warning signage.

Compact, light-weight housings and hoods make these signs ideal for wall mount and canopy installations. Units can be post mounted for driveway locations or to work around building structures and obstacles. Standard finish is duranodic bronze; signs can be painted to match custom colors. TCIL-H and TCIL-V signs ship with two long-life LED light engines offering 100,000+ hours of service and replacement LED light engines are available to keep these signs in service for many years to come.

Learn MoreView spec sheets for Horizontal and Vertical Red Green Indicators and Led Lane Lights in a variety of popular color combinations.

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X-Arrow Signs and Direct-View LED Lane Signs – TCL Typical Features

Stop & Go TCL LED Signs

Ideal for:

Direct-View LED signs are available in several model sizes with hundreds of messages to direct and keep traffic moving. These include signs with multiple messages and space-saving overlaid messages like in our “X and Down Arrow” signs. Our LED lighted X-Arrow signs use globally understood green/red symbols to convey “Enter/Do Not Enter”, “Open Closed” or “Stop and Go” messages to approaching motorists. These status signs speed customer service by displaying a large red “X” denoting areas or lanes closed to traffic and a large green “Arrow” to direct motorists towards lanes open for entry or ready for service. Available in several standard sizes, our double stroke X Arrow is the most popular, while larger signs can use up to 5 rows of super-bright LEDs to create their vivid symbols. Arrows can be made to point in any direction needed, just specify when ordering.

X-Arrow signs are used to direct both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Applications include bank drive-thru lanes, entryways to parking garages, car washes, vehicle service lanes, stadiums and arenas, airports, amusement parks, loading docks and distribution facilities etc.

Add a Flasher to create a Flashing Arrow Sign or a Piezo Alarm to increase attention by incorporating a siren or warble alarm. Also available are a variety of LED illuminated STOP Signs, DO NOT ENTER Signs, and OPEN CLOSED Signs. All units offer a long service life.

View LED illuminated X signs, Arrow signs, and overlaid X-Arrow signs.View Signs

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Dot Indicator Lights for Loading Dock Signs, Lane Signs and Safety Scoreboards

Dot Indicator Lights

Ideal for:

We offer several styles and sizes of LED Indicator Lights or Dot Indicator Lights available in vertical and horizontal units, with or without hoods. Choose from one, two, three and four dot configurations with LED’s in any combination of Red, Green, Amber, Blue and White. Circles of LED’s range from 5–8 inches in diameter depending on the frame size. All signs feature energy efficient LED illumination, compact slim-line aluminum frames and a long service life.

These bright, easy to see LED Safety Signs have dozens of applications as loading dock lights, traffic control signs and loading dock safety signs, etc..

  • Our Red Green Dock Lights and flashing Amber Signal Lights provide ideal safety signs at loading docks, warehouses and distribution centers where they signal approaching drivers to open docks, guide forklift traffic and warn workers to use caution in the area.
  • The Red Green Signals are also widely used as Stop & Go signs or Open Closed signs anywhere there is a need for traffic control or lane control signage.
  • LED Red-Amber-Green Dot Lights are easily installed in larger signs to create custom workplace Safety Scoreboards that encourage an accident free workplace.

Learn MoreView a cross-section of popular sizes and styles for Dot Indicator Lights and Signs.

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