New Backlit LED Signs with “Always Viewable” Messages

Energy Saving Indoor/Outdoor LED Signs are ideal for warning, safety and “in use” applications.

On or off...illuminated
or not...our SBLF
Signs display their
message 24/7.

These energy saving LED signs offer bright,
colorful messages and are a great choice for replacing
out-dated neon and incandescent signs.

Need an environmentally conscious sign source for energy saving LED information, warning and safety signs? Looking for compact LED signs with bright, bold messages that are always viewable...even when the sign is turned off? iSIGNS Inc. is your source for indoor and outdoor-rated LED warning and safety signs.

Call us at 866-437-3040 to discuss SBLF Safety, Warning and “In Use” signs with custom messages and replaceable message panels.

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System Profile:

Introducing the SBLF "Always Viewable" LED Backlit Sign Series. These small indoor-outdoor LED signs offer big messages that are highly visible even when turned off. They are used as non-illuminated information, warning or safety signs in daylight conditions; and when necessary can be illuminated to offer a brighter, vivid, more readable display of the message as dictated by circumstance or surrounding low light conditions.

SBLF indoor and outdoor-rated signs use high-intensity LED backlit full-face illumination and their low energy consumption makes them more energy efficient than similar neon or incandescent illuminated signs. The full-face illumination lights up the entire face of the sign for maximum impact and visibility of the message. Their compact, slim-line aluminum frames come in 5 popular sizes and are only 2-1/2” deep making them a good fit for any building façade or office interior. SBLF signs have a life expectancy of nearly 100,000 hours, are maintenance free, UL/cUL listed, and offer replaceable message panels to accommodate future changes. (Replacement faces are sold separately.)

Ideal For:

The SBLF (Slim-Line, Backlit LED, Full-Face Illuminated) Signs offer a large number of colorful specialty messages for bank ATM signs, restrictive parking signs, safety signs; room or equipment in use signs; or signs to denote areas of rescue, danger or potential hazards. SBLF signs are popular in healthcare, hospitals, medical and imaging facilities using diagnostic and radiology equipment such as X-Rays, MRI, CT Scanners and Medical Lasers. The operation of such equipment often requires highly visible “in use” warning signs to alert medical staff, patients and visitors of potential danger or the need for caution. Messages include MRI In Use, X-Ray In Use, X-Ray On, Laser In Use, CT In Use, Radiation On, Beam Ready, Room In Use, and more. Custom signs can carry any brief message and are quickly available.

Features and Benefits:

  • Message is “always viewable” even when the sign is not illuminated
  • Indoor/Outdoor-rated signs using energy efficient, high-intensity LED Backlit, Full-Face illumination to evenly light the entire message panel
  • Compact signs in 5 cabinet sizes designed to maximize the message area and viewing angle
  • Display any brief message using outdoor-grade translucent vinyl in bright vivid colors of Red, Green, Blue or Black on a white background…solid custom color backgrounds with a white message are also available
  • Reproduce logo’s, graphics, symbols and custom messages
  • Replaceable message panel allows for future changes
  • A green choice using up to 75% less energy than similar neon and incandescent backlit signs
  • Lift’n Shift back panel for easy installation and access to electrical components
  • Standard Wall Mount or optional mounting for ceiling, projection, angle mount or post mount
  • LED’s offer a long service life…over 100,000 hours
  • UL and cUL listed
  • 2-year warranty
  • Quickly available

SBLF Indoor/Outdoor LED Sign Features

SBLF Indoor/Outdoor LED Sign Features

Recent SBLF Series Best Sellers

Recent SBLF Series Best Sellers