Bright LED Signs for Parking Garages, Ramps and Parking Lots

Highly Visible, Outdoor-rated Illuminated Signs that are Easy to Install and Cost Less to Operate.

Need lighted Traffic Control, Safety and
Directional Signs for Parking Facilities?

We are your source for energy saving LED parking signs
with standard and custom messages.

Our eco-friendly, energy saving LED signs and signals provide quick and easy to read visual messages that are ideal for keeping traffic moving safely in and through all types of multi-level parking facilities and off-street parking lots. Their low energy consumption can save up to 90% in energy costs compared to similar neon or incandescent illuminated signs and they cost only pennies a day to operate. Our LED traffic control and parking signs are outdoor-rated, UL approved, maintenance free and offer a long service life (100,000 hours).

These super-bright LED parking signs are engineered for dependability and specially designed to display bright messages that are readable in both direct sunlight and in low-light conditions. Durable, compact, light weight cabinets make these signs ideal for wall mount, ceiling mount, projection mount and post mounted installations. Our lighted on/off Toggle Switch Plates make it easy to know what message is displayed and accessories are available to increase attention to signs with critical warning/safety messages.

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Custom LED Signs for Parking problem. Signs can be designed and fabricated to meet your size, shape, color, message and mounting requirements.

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iSIGNS offers a diverse selection of LED illuminated Parking Entrance Signs, Exit Signs and Traffic Control Signage. These signs are designed to be easily read in any lighting condition including direct sunlight and in low-light parking facilities. Our LED traffic control signs are compact in size and offer a variety of mounting options. Messages are available for applications including OPEN FULL signs, Enter Exit, Cashier and Pay Station signs, Safety and Warning signs and Clearance Height signs and bars.

Consider these LED sign uses to encourage a safe, easy-to-navigate, customer friendly parking facility.

  • Identify designated entrances and exits for Public Parking, Lease Only, Card Entry, Permit Entry, Monthly Parking, etc., and direct motorists to Open Parking Areas
  • Notify motorists of OPEN or FULL Status before entering
  • Change Enter and Exit status
  • Identify the facility or lot for Restrictive Parking or Special Event Parking
  • Provide Directions and Information to both motorists and pedestrians
  • Designate Traffic Flow, Wayfinding Information and Levels throughout Parking Facilities
  • Display information regarding restricted parking areas, restricted traffic flow, slow speeds
  • Alert pedestrians and motorists to Car Coming, Vehicle Exiting or Pedestrian Crossings
  • Identify and provide directions to Pay Stations and Cashier Lanes
  • Provide Vehicle Clearance Information or Low Clearance Height Restrictions before entering the Parking Facility
  • Identify Handicap Accessible areas, Reserved for Handicap Parking, provide Area of Rescue Assistance signs and signage for Emergency Call Stations
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