Versatile, Overhead Headache Bar Signs with Any Message

Hanging Safety & Warning Signs for drive-thru’s, parking garages, carwashes and more.

These durable hanging signs are
primarily used to display important safety,
warning and directional messages.

Need a quick and dependable sign source for overhead low clearance signs; or suspended safety, warning and wayfinding signs? iSIGNS Inc. is your source for overhead hanging signs with any message.

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System Profile:

Our hanging i-Bar Sign Series creates brightly colored extruded aluminum bars or tubes that are highly visible and carry brief messages using easy-to-read fonts and popular safety or warning symbols. They are specifically designed to hang overhead from ceiling or other support structures using appropriate cables or chains supplied by the user. i-Bar signs also function as overhead "bump bars" to warn drivers before entering a structure that their vehicle exceeds the low height clearances.

The one-piece i-Bars are constructed with a unique EasyGlide Channel and include positionable eye bolts for quick and easy installation…a nice difference from other headache bars and overhead bump bars. Signs can be positioned exactly where you need them and will provide many years of service.

Ideal For:

These cost effective overhead clearance signs and hanging safety signs are great for parking garages, ramps and lots, bank drive-thru lanes, carwashes, restaurants drive-thru lanes, valet parking areas, drive-thru pharmacies, mining, industrial and construction areas, bridges, amusement park rides, warehouses and distribution centers and more. Signs primarily carry messages that alert drivers and pedestrians to approaching dangers and help reduce the incidence of injury or vehicle and property damage. Both common and custom messages are quickly available and affordably priced.

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy-gauge, durable, one-piece extruded aluminum construction is maintenance free and corrosion resistant
  • Signs of Any Size...the 7"H x 4”D I-Bar Signs are available in any length from 2'- 0" to 16'- 0"; longer signs can be created using multiple lengths of extrusion
  • Any Color...standard durable powder coated finish in traffic yellow or custom spray painted to match your color needs using pantone or other major color programs
  • Display any message, reproduce logo’s, graphics, popular symbols and warning stripes
  • Fitted Endcaps close the extruded bar at both ends for a neat clean appearance and discourage nesting, pests and debris
  • EasyGlide Channel...allows for quick, simple installation and exact placement of the sign
  • Easy Installation...Signs ship with positionable eye bolts ready to hang from your chains or cables and can be positioned anywhere along the EasyGlide Channel
  • Outdoor grade, high performance adhesive-backed computer-cut vinyl graphics including reflective vinyl’s
  • Signs can carry a message on one or both sides
  • Highly visible signs that are easy to read from a distance
  • 5-year Warranty
  • Quickly available

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i-Bar Overhead Headache Bar Features

i-Bar Features

i-Bar Sign Series Applications

Our I-Bar headache bars provide cost effective overhead hanging signs for hundreds of applications. Consider these uses:

  • Parking Garages, Ramps and Parking Lots... low clearance signs and warning bars; over height clearance bars; overhead wayfinding and directional signs; monthly, permit or card entry signs; restrictive parking; vehicle rental and return lane signs
  • Bank Drive Thru Lanes, Restaurant and Pharmacy Drive-thru’s... vehicle height and low clearance warning signs; designate truck lanes or oversize vehicle lanes; specific or limited transaction signs, exit directions
  • Valet Parking Areas, Canopies or Carports... low clearance signs
  • Carwashes... vehicle height low clearance, warning signs; instructions signs; designate truck lanes or oversize vehicle lanes
  • Theme Parks, Amusement Parks and Recreation Parks... overhead signs for Fast Pass, Quick Pass and Fun Pass entrances; signs for handicap accessible entrances or assisted boarding areas; denote safe height, weight, size & age restrictions; enter, do not enter and exit directional signs
  • Sports Stadiums and Arenas... designate particular entry gates; enter, do not enter and exit directional signs; not for public access signs; overhead security zone signs
  • Mining, Construction Sites, Industrial Sites, Warehouses and Distribution Centers... safety and warning signs; designate hard hat areas; caution fork lift traffic; low ceiling signs; watch for trucks
  • Military Bases, Temporary Installations, Armories... safety and warning signs; security checkpoint signs
  • Covered Bridges... display height and weight restrictions
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