New Vertical Perma-Banner System

A Revolutionary New Technology in Street Pole and Light Post Banners

The Custom Shape, Outdoor Pole Banner
System with a 5-Year Warranty

Imagine banners with unique shapes.
Create them with Perma-Banner.

Need a dependable, quick turn-around sign source for unique outdoor street pole banners that survive the elements without fraying, tearing, shredding, peeling, cracking, wrinkling, deteriorating or flying away? iSIGNS Inc. is that sign source!

We’ll help you provide your customers with the most
creative, long-life banners available
exceptional value for their marketing dollars.

System Profile:

The Perma-Banner System is a unique new technology for creating and hanging vertical street pole banners, light pole and lamp post banners. The system combines strong changeable Polymetal Composite Panels with an exclusive "No Fly Away" Vertical Mounting Bracket of extruded aluminum. The banner panels can be cut to any desired shape and will not fray, tear, shred, crack or wrinkle like typical fabric banners. Banner graphics use UV laminated eco-solvent printed vinyl graphics that are fade-resistant and will stay vibrant for many years. The Vertical Mounting Bracket is easily installed to all popular street and light poles using quick to secure stainless steel strapping.

Perma-Banner Brochure Download Perma-Banner Brochure
PDF Download Installation Instructions

Ideal For:

Small to Large size Double-sided Vertical Banners of any shape or size to provide eye-catching, attention-grabbing, curb-appealing signage along streets, entryways, parking lots and campus grounds. A creative and colorful solution to market, identify or provide information to the public in the form of:

  • Boulevard Banners...street poles, lights poles, municipalities, townships, main streets
  • Campus & college campuses, hospital & medical centers
  • Business District Banners...welcome messages, car lots, parking lots, exhibits
  • School Banners...high school, elementary, pre-school, private schools, business, trade and technical schools
  • Park Banners...national parks, natural parks, neighborhood green spaces
  • Resort courses & resorts, beach and camp grounds, amusement parks, yacht clubs, marinas, recreational resorts, casinos
  • Special Event Banners...celebrations, heritage & patriotic celebrations, community festivals
  • Community Banners...commemorating city sponsored or approved events, Pride Banners
  • Marketing Banners...Logo Banners
  • Stadium Banners...also civic arenas & convention centers
  • Shopping Center malls, retail plazas, large malls may have interior applications
  • Hotel & Motel Banners
  • Seasonal Banners
  • Trail-way Banners
  • Entryway Banners
  • Museum Banners
  • Zoo Banners
  • Theme Park Banners
  • Military Base and Installation Banners

The list goes on and on...Where does your community need Perma-Banners?

Features & Benefits...Outperforms & Outlasts Fabric Banners:

  • Quick to Ship...maximum 2 week lead time on all Perma-Banners regardless of size or quantity
  • 5 Year Warranty...banners provide a long-life investment and are guaranteed for five years not to fray, tear, chip, shred, peel, crack, wrinkle, deteriorate or fly away when properly installed
  • NEW Lock-n-Release Changeable Panel System...allows panels to be replaced or swapped out for seasonal graphics, event changes or updated marketing messages
  • Easy to Design, Effortless to Install and Maintain
  • Easily Creates Custom Shape Banner Panels...banners can be cut to any desired shape; incorporate logo shapes, create filigree cut-out spaces, endless design potential and increased visibility...needs only one vertical side for mounting
  • Increased Visual Impact and Design Ability...create a lasting impression with a custom look but without an expensive price-tag
  • Extruded Aluminum “No Fly Away” Vertical Mounting Bracket...durable, light-weight, non-corrosive structure securely holds the banner panel on street poles and light posts
  • Fits all Popular Poles and Posts...mounting bracket securely fits square, round, triangular, hexagon and octagon post shapes 4" diameter and larger; can be optimized to fit a post as small as 3" in diameter
  • Durable, Non-porous 6mm Polymetal Composite Panels with solid polyethylene core and white aluminum faces...panels are inherently strong, flexible, impact resistant, shatter resistant, will not splinter on impact, will not wrinkle, and will not encourage mold and mildew
  • Bold, Bright Graphics on Both Sides...long lasting, UV laminated, eco-solvent printed vinyl graphics resist soiling, are fade resistant, and stay vibrant for many years
  • Tough and Durable...banners bend & flex without cracking, tearing, peeling or shredding
  • Safe For Street Poles and Light Posts...banners flex to reduce wind force on poles and the “No Fly Away” bracket eliminates electrical hazards and utility damages
  • A Size for Every Application...banners can be cut to any desired shape in sizes from 36"H x 24"L to 72"H x 30"L, custom sizes also available
  • A Green Choice...banners are extremely long lasting, less waste, uses eco-solvent graphics, and bracket extrusions use 75% recycled aluminum
  • Easy Installation...system easily installs with stainless steel straps at the desired height
  • Maintenance Free...problem free banners with nothing to break, repair or re-hang