Lore of the Phēnix

Posted: 9/4/2013

The Phēnix PHX Series of Outdoor LED Signs… bold, energy saving, LED illuminated backlit signs for bank lanes, parking garages, safety, warning signs and more.  Backlit is back…better and brighter than ever before.

Lore of the Phenix

As most folks know, before the age of LED, our backlit Neon TC traffic control signs reigned as the industry standard for bank lane signs, open closed, full, enter exit and safety signs. With the birth of the LED age, we were able to offer the TCL LED line of traffic control signs with brighter, more visible messages; lower energy consumption, less CO2 emissions…and customers enjoyed an annual 90% energy cost savings with each unit installed. For many, our TCL product line offered the signs of choice for banks, credit unions, parking garages, airports, warehouses and distribution centers.

However, even with all these advantages, some customers yearned for the look of the ancestral neon units with their crisp, bold fonts…for some, a preferred choice over the look of the new-age naked LED’s. So, work began on a sort of rebirth to breed the next generation of backlit signs.

BeholdThe Phēnix

The Phēnix LED Sign Series came into being…creating hybrid units with the best benefits of our innovative Led sign technology and the visual appeal of our neon TC heritage. The Phēnix brings outdoor-rated backlit LED signs to life with bold hearty fonts, vivid colors, and exceptional brightness using LED rebounded light that evenly illuminates the message. Powerful enough to be 50% brighter than most neon backlit units yet gentle on the environment, they consume 75% less energy than similar neon backlit signs. Phēnix LED signs will save consumers in operating costs year after year after year!

We believe that the Phēnix is destined to greatness as your choice for outdoor-rated LED illuminated backlit signs. 
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