iSIGNS... Perma-Banners: New Life for Parking Environments

Posted: 1/28/2013


iSIGNS Inc, Fairview PA.  More and more at iSIGNS, we are witnessing the trend by parking lots and parking garages to use signage, banners, and graphic elements to create customer appeal that moves them beyond yesterday’s somber, grey, unadorned concrete and asphalt. Our new Perma-Banner System makes it easy to create long-life, eye-catching, curb-appealing vertical banners used to adorn street poles and light or lamp posts along streets, entryways and throughout parking lots. They offer parking facilities a hot new wave of branding and marketing appeal that will provide increased visual impact, last for years, and be effortless to install and maintain.

The Perma-Banner System makes it easy to create long-life, attention-grabbing street pole and lamp post banners for surface parking lots and the exterior of parking garages. Perma-Banner’s are easily customized with unique shapes and bold, bright graphics…perfect for adding color and messages; creating parking section designators; or for marketing and branding campaigns for communities, events and retail businesses. Their changeable panels will not fray, shred or tear. The system features our exclusive “No-Fly-Away” bracket and a 5-year warranty.  

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To learn more about Perma-Banner email sales at isignsled dot com or call us toll free at 866-437-3040.

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