Traditional Cabinet-Frame Series HED-225, HED-300 & HED-400 Signs

All Aluminum Double-Panel Sign Systems with the option to create Flush Face Signs

HED-400 primary identification sign with radius top and 4 in. square posts HED-300 secondary identification parking sign with radius posts HED-225 primary identification sign HED-300 identification sign with indented peaked top frame and radius posts HED-300 flush face sign with top accent bar, reveal and base HED-225 custom wall mount building identification with reveal and angled header HED-225 campus map with 3 in. square posts and small ball post caps HED-225 secondary identification and directional sign HED-225 secondary identification and directional sign HED-300 custom shape sign with 4 in. square posts and small ball post caps


Versatile 2-panel sign systems designed to offer enhanced visual impact in sturdy, dimensional, non-illuminated formats. The HED-225, HED-300 and HED-400 are constructed using two warp resistant aluminum message panels chemically bonded to a polystyrene core forming a panel assembly.

The panel assembly slides into a cabinet style frame which then slides into slotted extruded aluminum mounting posts of various sizes and is held in place with concealed locking squares and set screws. These systems are easily customized by incorporating special shape panels, optional post styles, designer post caps, custom paint colors and simple to elaborate graphics.

Ideal For:

Small to Large size signs intended for primary and secondary site identification, informational, directional, wayfinding, parking, and regulatory signs.

These exterior, architectural post and panel signs are widely used throughout Banking facilities, Hospital & Healthcare facilities, College & University campuses, Business & Industrial parks or complexes, Airport & Transportation terminals.

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HED-225 Installation Instructions
HED-300 Installation Instructions
HED-400 Installation Instructions

Features & Benefits:

  • Eco-Friendly...heavy gauge aluminum construction using 75% recycled material, high quality 6063T5 alloy aluminum
  • 3 Sturdy Cabinet-Style Frames in a Variety of Sizes...heavy gauge aluminum frames assembled with structural corner keys and countersunk screws
    • HED-225: 2-1/4" deep frame in sizes from 12"H x 12"L to 48"H x 60"L
    • HED-300: 3" deep frame in sizes from 12"H x 12"L to 48"H x 120"L
    • HED-400: 4" deep frame in sizes from 12"H x 12"L to 48"H x 144"L
  • Sturdy Aluminum Panels...warp resistant, 2 message panels for double face signs
    • HED-225: .080" aluminum
    • HED-300: .050" aluminum panels with a polystyrene core
    • HED-400: .050" aluminum panels with a polystyrene core
  • Custom Shapes...frames can be fabricated with special angles or with radius, indented radius, peaked, and indented peaked tops; HED-300 signs can also be constructed with radius corners
  • Standard Face vs. Flush Face Signs...Standard faces use an integrated retainer lip around the message panels while signs constructed with flush faces or bleed faces attach the message panels from the interior of the sign with no exposed fasteners for a clean frameless appearance
    • HED-225...Flush faces only
    • HED-300...Standard faces or Flush faces
    • HED-400...Standard faces or Flush faces
  • Illumination
    • HED-225 and HED-300 signs are non-illuminated
    • HED-400 signs are available non-illuminated or internally illuminated using super bright LED’s
  • No Exposed Fasteners...all use concealed locking squares with set screws to lock xxxx frames securely in the slotted posts
  • 11 Post Styles...all can carry the frame flush or with a ½” reveal
    • 2-1/4" x 2-1/4" rectangular posts (standard for HED-225 Signs)
    • 2-1/4" x 3" rectangular posts (standard for HED-300 Signs)
    • 3" square posts
    • 4" square posts
    • 2-1/4" x 4" rectangular posts (standard for HED-400 Signs)
    • 2-1/4" x 3" double slot posts
    • 3" corner slot post
    • 2" x 3" radius posts
    • 2-3/4" x 4" radius posts
    • 4" round posts
    • 4" fluted round posts
  • Decorative Post Caps...a variety of standard injection molded, cast aluminum and designer post caps are available depending on post style
  • 6 Mounting Options...double post, flag, ceiling, and wall mount, double slot and corner slot post configurations
  • Color and Finish...standard dark duranodic bronze matte finish or thousands of custom colors in matte, semi-gloss or gloss finish
  • Graphics and Copy...available with long lasting, solvent inkjet printed graphics, computer-cut vinyl graphics or without graphics
  • Easy Assembly and Installation...frame assembly with integral mounting flange easy slides into slotted posts
  • Installation Options...standard installation is direct embedment, alternative methods include using 8" x 8" welded base plates or sleeves for removable signs
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Quickly Available...signs ship in 2 weeks or less