New Energy Saving LED PhēnixTM PHX Sign Series

Outdoor LED Lighted Backlit Signs for bank lanes, drive-thru’s, parking garages and more.

Bright, bold, energy saving
LED signs in our three most
popular cabinet sizes for
replacing outdated neon
and incandescent units.

The PhenixTM LED backlit signs are 50% brighter
than most neon backlit units and use
75% less energy than comparable neon backlit signs!

The PhenixTM is becoming the new industry standard, replacing the recently discontinued TCI incandescent and TC neon signs, which for decades were the leading choice in highly-visible bank lane and traffic control signs.

Need a dependable, sign source for energy saving, outdoor rated LED backlit signs? Looking for a brighter, more visible LED replacement sign for outdated and discontinued neon and incandescent signs? Well look no further, the PhenixTM is quickly becoming the backlit sign of choice for highly visible messages!

iSIGNS Inc. is your source for PhenixTM LED backlit signs for bank lanes, parking facilities, safety signs and more!

Call us at 866-437-3040 to discuss PhenixTM replacement signs for outdated or discontinued TC718, TC1418 and TC734 neon signs and TCU718, TCU1418 and TCU734 series incandescent signs.

System Profile:

Introducing the PhenixTM series of outdoor rated LED backlit signs... backlit is back...better and brighter than ever before. The PhenixTM Led Sign Series creates hybrid units with the best benefits of our TCL Led sign technology and the visual appeal of the popular, but now discontinued neon TC sign series. The PhenixTM brings outdoor backlit LED signs to life with bold hearty fonts, vivid colors, and exceptional brightness using LED rebounded light to focus illumination evenly across the message. Powerful enough to be 50% brighter than most neon backlit units yet gentle on the environment, they consume 75% less energy than similar neon backlit signs. PhenixTM LED signs will save consumers in operating costs year after year after year!

Ideal For:

With bold, bright messages viewable even in direct sunlight, PhenixTM signs are ideal for directing and keeping vehicular and pedestrian traffic moving in or around congested traffic and parking areas. Units carry brief messages to direct traffic flow and ease customer service. Their compact size and lift’n shift back panel make installation quick and easy for mounting on canopies, columns, facades or within larger sign structures.

We believe that the PhenixTM is destined to be your number one choice for LED illuminated backlit signs for bank lanes, credit unions, ATM’s, drive-thru’s, airport and mass transit terminals, hospital entrances, parking garages, outdoor open closed, enter exit, safety signs and more. Standard ready to ship messages include Open, Closed, Full, Enter, Exit, ATM, etc..

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Features & Benefits

  • Outdoor units using high-intensity rebounded LED Backlit illumination
  • 50% brighter than most neon backlit units
  • Guaranteed viewable even in direct sunlight
  • Messages in bold hearty fonts in vivid colors of Green and Red
  • Message blanks-out to black when the unit is off
  • A green choice using 75% less energy than similar neon backlit signs
  • Long service life...100,000 hours
  • 5-year warranty
  • Sturdy aluminum frame cabinet in duranodic bronze finish
  • Lift’n shift back panel for easy installation and access to electrical components
  • Standard Wall Mount or optional mounting for ceiling, projection, angle mount or post mount
  • Single and double face signs available
  • Custom frame colors and can reproduce logo’s, graphics and custom messages
  • Quickly available

PhēnixTM Outdoor LED Backlit Sign Features

Phēnix LED Sign Features

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Phēnix LED Sign Features